Workplace Safety and Health Policy
Fama is a company committed to safety and health of all its staff.

The commitment of the management department and all members of the organization play a key role in ensuring proper occupational safety and health management. Our company philosophy is guided by the principle of honesty.

At Fama Sofas, we commit to:

Continuously implement the occupational safety and health policy to contribute to the well-being of the employees. This includes setting objectives that are expected to be achieved through a Workplace Safety and Health programme.


We are a company who has more than 80 different timetables in order to help our staff to balance family and work-life. This requires organizational efforts to enhance the quality of life for our staff.


Promoting cultural diversity.


Conduct awareness and training programmes, which are coordinated by the Human Resources Department and Management department on topics related to safety and health. These programmes are designed for all Fama employees.


Following applicable laws and practices related to workplace hazard prevention and taking on commitments arising therefrom.


Establish plans, schedule them, develop them, and accomplish the execution of defined objectives in the field of hazard prevention, which are made available to the Occupational Safety and Health Committee afterwards. 


Identify the risks associated with each job position, implement prevention measures, and provide the necessary protections required by law. Additionally, we provide additional protection that we believe are best for our staff, such as internal manufactured of ergonomic chairs for all our sewing staff, adjustable tables for upholsterers, height-adjustable desks for office staff, etc.


Announce Safety Policy to all employees of the company and make it public and available to all users, suppliers, and outside Fama organizations in order to contribute and promote our policy of prevention to make everyone aware of the importance of working environment safety and health. 


Promote sports and healthy lifestyles, both within and outside the organization, through balanced diets, pilate classes, yoga, etc.


Collaborate in sharing knowledge and experiences with other companies in the industry, as well as from other sectors and society as a whole.