Choose among more than 1000 different fabrics from our catalogue!

All our sofas and armchairs can be totally customised. You can choose among more than 1000 different materials available in our range.

We present a new fabric collection every year, creating interest and expectation among our customers year after year. We work hard to design our own fabrics in order to astonish our customers and potential customers with our new fabric designs and their colours, trying to cover every customer taste. 

In many cases, we count on designers and artists’ collaboration, who design unique print collections. As well as that, we have plain fabrics that have been designed specifically for us. They have unique touches and they are different to what you can find in the market.

We have fabrics with different compositions to cover all our customers needs and demands, such as natural materials for their unique aesthetic, or synthetic fabrics that offer a better cleaning maintenance and longer durability. We even have a Recover fabric collection, with 100% recycled fabrics (their polyester comes from PET plastic  bottles and their cotton comes from recycled clothing).

In addition, our fabrics do no contain PFCs, which are harmful chemicals for humans, animals and the environment, and that can be found in many fabrics with anti-stain or easy cleaning treatments.