Promotion of Culture and Sports

At Fama, we believe in the transformative power of culture and sports, as well as their positive impact on society. By supporting these events and activities, we promote the physical and mental well-being of individuals, social cohesion, personal development, and equal opportunities, among other aspects.

Throughout the years, we have sponsored basketball and swimming teams, as well as various sports events. Additionally, we have contributed to the promotion of culture through the organisation of events and the sponsorship of theatrical plays and books.

Here are the actions we have taken to promote culture and sports:

- Sponsorship and collaboration in cultural events: sponsorship of theatrical plays, sponsorship of the book "De barro, oro y plomo" (Of Mud, Gold, and Lead), 'Cre-Acción' art festival'.

- Sponsorship and collaboration with sports entities: RDY Basketball, Yecla Swimming Club, Yecla Endurance Runners Club, Yecla Triathlon Club, FAMU (Murcia Athletics Federation).

- Organisation of cultural events: 'Arty Edition' exhibition.

- Support in sports events: Ciudad de Yecla 'Komokabras' BTT March, National Cross during the local Festivities, 'Marta, la Princesa Valiente' (Marta, the brave princess) Childhood Cancer Race.