Human team

At a time when everything has become impersonal, in Fama the most important factor is the human team. People with names and surnames who day by day are committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

Building our future

In Fama Sofas, the most important thing is the people who make up the company. We take care of them in the best possible way, we are firmly committed to Work-Life Balance by creating our own nursery and play centre and offering flexible hours to allow reconciling work, family and studies. We take care of all aspects related to the health of our workers and of all those people related to our activity.

One of the points included in our Decalogue of Corporate Responsibility is trying to contribute to the happiness of all the people who are directly affected by our activity, workers and suppliers, distributors and end customers.

We are a company that is committed to long-term contracts, currently 94% of our employees have a permanent contract. When we recruit someone, we always do it with the aim of making him/her a permanent contract and keep that person with us for a long time.

Fama staff currently consists of 265 people, having increased by more than 50 people in the last year.