Equality and family conciliation

At Fama we have been committed internally and publicly for many years with the aim of guaranteeing equality among all the people who are part of our workforce.

In 2017 we received the “Company for Equality” award from the OMEP (organisation of professional and business women from Murcia).

In 2021 we published our Equality Plan, not as a mere formal document with nice and empty words, but as an internal analysis that would allow us to apply improvement measures in the management of the company's human team, which as we have always said, is the most important pillar of the company.

Since 2015 we have had our "Fama Pekes" nursery and play centre to provide this service to our staff’s children, thus taking a very important step in reconciling work and family life.

This is the most ambitious project that we have carried out at Fama Sofas in this field, and after 7 years in operation, we can say that it has been a complete success.

Another important aspect is the flexibility of working hours; at the moment we have more than 60 different working schedules to facilitate the reconciliation of work, family and studies among the staff.

In 2020 we were awarded the Second Prize for the Reconciliation of family, work and personal life Awards of the Alares Foundation, for co-responsibility and Social Responsibility.

At Fama we firmly believe that the most valuable thing for the company are our workers. That is why, for several years, we have been launching projects focused on trying to improve, within our possibilities, their quality of life.