Collaboration with non-profit organisations

For some time now, at Fama, we have been working and collaborating with non-profit organisations. We are talking about associations and organisations that dedicate their day-to-day to working for others. Over the years, we have collaborated with several associations, either by carrying out joint projects or by supporting them with furniture donations.

One of the first associations we started working with was the Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities of Yecla (AMPY), by furnishing their centre and the residence where they assist dozens of people every day.

Although perhaps one of the biggest projects we have got involved in with them is the "Solidarity Stuffed Animals", in which we created a family of four stuffed animals whose entire earnings go to this association.

AMPY is not the only association of this kind we work with. We have also collaborated with ASPAJUNIDE (Organisation for assistance and services for people with disabilities in Jumilla), also by selling the "Solidarity Stuffed Animals" and providing furniture for their centre.

The experience has led us to want to collaborate with more associations in our community. In 2021, we signed a collaboration agreement with AYAC (Association of Yecla Cancer Patients), in which we committed to supporting the association in their daily work for people facing this disease. It is also worth mentioning the publication of the book 'Todas Cuentan' (Every Woman Counts), a compilation of 24 illustrated stories about women from Yecla.

To continue improving the lives of people with disabilities, we have collaborated with the ONCE Foundation in the functional design of accessible furniture. We have not only focused on functionality but also managed to give this type of furniture a modern design, breaking away from its traditional aesthetics. We have participated with them in the International Real Estate Fair in Madrid, as well as contributed to the production of furniture for their facilities.

Our learning centre for early childhood and primary education, Famapekes, has also been involved in the project 'The Art of Watching Art', which, in addition to its educational aspect, has served as a way to collaborate with Juegaterapia, a foundation that helps children with cancer through play.

In addition to these agreements and projects, we have collaborated with numerous organisations in furniture donations or financial support, such as the National Hospital for Paraplegics, the Never Surrender Foundation, ACCEM, ASSIDO, or the Ave María Foundation, among others.