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New section available on the website

We have a new section on our website called “Inspiration”. We have had an account on Pinterest for a few years. Even though it was getting updated regularly, we were at a standstill with this social media. However, we took advantage of the lockdown, which allowed us to address some projects. These projects were in the pipeline for a while and rearranging the categories on our Pinterest account was one of these projects. As the weeks have gone by, we have filled the Pinterest boards with different categories and have made them very visual.

These boards have called the attention of many Pinterest users all around the world. We have more than 500.000 users now, and this number keeps increasing.

As a result of this experience, we had the idea of organising all the images by colour and types of sofas, creating a new section on the website which could be an inspiration for those customers looking for decoration ideas when choosing a sofa.

The boards are organised by colour, and they allow us to see different sofas in the same colour at a glance. As the weeks went by, we liked our Pinterest images even more. As a result, we thought it was a brilliant idea to create a special section on our website with these images. We called it “Inspiration”.

We really think this can be a very useful and interesting tool for those customers who are looking for new ideas and they have not yet decided the colour for their home decoration. This new section, which is focused on fabric colours and types of sofas, is the perfect complement for the rest of sections on the website where customers can find all the information about Fama sofas.


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