Sofa, movie and throw

These days, when it is so cold outside, the  "Sofa, movie and throw" plan seem much more attractive than at other times of the year. A great majority of our designs are usually located in the living room in front of the television, but we have also seen the rise of cinema rooms. Spaces with large screens to recreate a cinema at home, on a small scale. These home cinema rooms are usually equipped with a good sound system and a high-quality projector, but above all, with a very comfortable sofa.

Some time ago, this type of "cinemas" at home (as seen on images on the web) were characterised by having several relax armchairs, in such a way that every user sat on their own chair.

We have noticed that the trend has changed in these types of homes that use one of their rooms as a cinema room. Many people like to lie on the sofa to watch their favourite movie, and nothing better than creating a generously sized sofa to be able to sit or lie down as they wish surrounded by their family.

Another advantage of these spaces furnished with sofas instead of relaxing armchairs, is that, when watching horror or suspense films it is good to have someone close.

The Arianne Love sofa is the protagonist in a large number of these “new” home theatre rooms, with different variations in the choice of modules, sometimes combining modules with footstools placed as a bed, some other times using chaise longues combined with small footstools, but all the combinations have as common denominator that they favour that every member of the family can lie down on the sofa.

This trend, although it has the handicap of the logistical and economic difficulty of allocating a space in the home just to watch movies, it also makes us dream and imagine ourselves lying on one of those movie theatres at home.

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09 de january 2024

Your insights into creating the perfect movie-watching experience and the role of a cozy throw are spot-on. The blog not only offers valuable tips but also embodies the warmth and comfort your sofas provide. A true source of inspiration for creating memorable moments at home.

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