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Fama Sofas has started building its new factory.

It had not become public, but following the publication made by the engineering company, the word has already spread, and we are receiving so many questions about whether it was true or not. Therefore, we can confirm that it is. After nearly three years of paperwork, reports, projects and so on, we have finally been able to start the construction of our new facilities. 

We are embarking on such a large project with enthusiasm and respect. Perhaps, it might look simple from the outside. However, this was such a difficult decision to make. It is necessary to get into significant debt as this is a huge investment, especially, at this time when there is so much uncertainty.

There are many families who work at Fama. In order to maintain our activity, it is necessary to take this crucial step. We count on the confidence of a great people team, the Fama team, as we all keep working with the same enthusiasm as always.

The project is divided in three stages. The first one includes 20.000 m2 of factory premises, the second stage is to build 9.000 square metres of office facilities, and the third one will increase the factory premises 34.000 m2 more. There is a total of 63.000 m2 to build. We are also planning to build a contract Showroom, a Hotel, a Restaurant, and a Cafeteria for our customers.

Our aim is to preserve the entire area of pine forest in which the new facilities will be located, turning the new factory into a modern and automated space in perfect symbiosis with the natural environment of the area.

It is a beautiful dream, and we know it will not be easy to achieve. However, we hope this dream will come true sooner rather than later.  

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