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Fourmi, articulated and multifunctional design armchair with adaptable back and headrest system.

Starting with the same base with four metal legs, and depending on the number of elements used, we can create a footstool, a chair or a small accessory armchair, or even a comfy armchair with a headrest included.

Special attention should be paid to the articulated system of all the backrest pieces, which allows each element to adapt naturally to the different positions we may adopt. The armrests are also articulated and can be rotated and placed in a horizontal position, offering us an intelligent solution to support our mobile device and use it ergonomically.




The resulting design, born from functionality, offers us a spectacular piece with a retro air that reminds us of an ant, hence its name (ant in French). Depending on the number of elements used (1-2-3-4 or 5), a numerical suffix is added to identify the different types of product. We have also included a small matching accessory table.



Fourmi Measurements
Fourmi croquis 3d

We provide you with the sketch where you can see the detailed measurements of each piece that forms Fourmi.

You can download the sketch in PDF format in the "Downloads and Documents" section of the product.

New uses for mobile and tablet

Fourmi is also designed for the use of smartphones or tablets. It offers new ergonomic solutions adapted to the new needs that have arisen from the appearance of these devices in our lives. This way, we can avoid uncomfortable or unhealthy positions that can lead to injuries in fingers, hands, and wrists over time.

In addition, we present the Z option, designed for gamers. An innovative armless chair in which the user can alternate between a reclined position and an upright or more forward position.

Adjustable back and armrests

Patented System

The innovative articulable system of the Fourmi armchair has been patented by Fama.

The innovation lies mainly in the articulated joints between the backrest and the seat, which allow the user to select the degree of inclination of the backrest. On the other hand, thanks to the articulated joint of the armrests, it is possible to select their vertical or horizontal disposition.

Modular: several options

Fourmi-1 modulacion


Fourmi is lightweight and easy to move. Great comfort thanks to its cinched seat and its reclining backrest mechanism. Four different designs by simply removing and replacing the headrest and arms.

Fabrics choice


All our sofas and armchairs can be totally customised. You can choose among more than 1000 different materials available in our range. Plain or patterned fabrics, synthetic or natural materials such as cotton or linen, velvets or leather, they are all available in a very wide range of colours.

You can see the different collections of materials in the FABRIC COLLECTIONS section.

The best part is that you can combine different fabrics as you like, mixing different textures, colours and patterns, to make your sofa an exclusive and unique piece.


We start from the premises of Eco-design

It consists of a seating system designed with the concept of Ecodesign in mind, aiming to achieve maximum comfort with minimal raw materials. It is detachable with a simple arm and backrest assembly system without screws, which also allows the backrest to adapt naturally to the desired position at any time.

The volume for transport is reduced by almost 70%, and only 4 screws with a simple Allen key are needed for assembly.

Downloads and documentation

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