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Mystic is a collection of fabrics with the AquaClean technology, an innovative treatment applied to the yarn of the fabric that helps removing most stains just by applying water and rubbing. AquaClean gives Mystic a very good aging and makes it the best option to enjoy with the little ones without having to worry too much about stains. It also has a very soft and pleasant touch.




Composition: 100% PES.

Ideal for all types of sofas and armchairs.

Perfect to combine with any type of collection, both plain and patterned.

Available in 40 different colours.

Machine washable at low temperature.

Made in Spain.

Series 6 fabric.



40 different colours

En nuestra tapicería Mystic ofrecemos una amplia gama de colorido, algunos de ellos exclusivos de Fama.

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María Matilde de A Coruña
dureau de ILE DE FRANCE
Veronica de Almería
Andrea de Hainaut
David de Las Palmas
Sonia de Castellón
Pastora de Sevilla
Carmen de Lugo
Frédéric de France
Rachel de Flintshire
Raquel de valencia
Jean de Rhône Alpes
Jose ramon de Guipúzcoa
Lidia Susana de Madrid
Jordi de Girona
Carmen de Granada
Yoana de Navarra
Olga de Girona
david de occitanie
Francisco de Albacete
Noelia de Madrid
Paola de S/C Tenerife
Maria Jose de ALBACETE
Liza de Italy
Carolina de La Rioja
Yolanda de Granada


lavado 30 grados

Max. Temperature 30º

Machine wash Max. 30º

Limpieza en seco

Dry cleaning

Use common products

No utilizar secadora

Do not tumble dry

Do not tumble dry

Temperatura máxima de planchado 110°

Ironing Max. 110°

Ironing Max. 110°

No usar lejía

Do not use bleach

Do not use bleach

No retorcer para escurrir

Do not wring

Do not wring

No centrifugar

Washing maching

Do not use the spin cycle

No secar al sol

Do not dry in the sun

Do not dry in the sun


100% PES

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Aqua clean

Aquaclean technology

It protects each fibre with an invisible molecular layer which avoids the fabric getting dirty. In addition, it allows to clean stains just with water.

Made in Spain

Made in Spain


200.000 cycles

Recommended for the use of:

Back cushions, Sofa base, Armchairs, Small cushions, Chairs

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