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Tempo is a new corner sofa that offers three important innovations developed by our R&D team. We are confident that these novelties worldwidenovelties worldwide will make Tempo a new best-seller in our catalogue.




These are the most important features of Tempo:

1. Two different depths in the same sofa set

2. Seat hardness regulation

3. Seat with exchangeable core

4. All the covers are removable

5. Assembly without screws and reversible modules

6. Multi-positional roller backrests




Características Tempo

1. Two different depths in the same sofa set
2. Seat hardness regulation
3. Seat with exchangeable core
4. All the covers are removable
5. Assembly without screws and reversible modules
6. Multi-positional roller backrests
Tempo_ dos profundidades de asiento


The first of these innovations is that we offer Tempo with two different seat depths; well, this option already exists in the market, in fact, we have it in the Klee&Klever models. However, in Tempo, perhaps the most interesting thing is that the two depths can be combined in the same sofa set.

We can have two modules with different depth in the same space, making an L composition so that the module with the larger depth is on the front and the smaller one on the side. With this configuration we can offer our customers more seating options, giving them the option of choosing for their home the two modules with a small depth, the two with a large depth, or one module with a large depth and another with a small depth.

Hardness regulator

Hard or soft?

We present“Hardsoft System”,a new system thatallows you to easilyregulate the hardnessof the seat

This system was born in order to put an endto the discussions that usually arise whenchoosing a new sofa.

For example, we find many people who like a soft sitting position, who would buy a sofa that welcomes them as if they were sitting on clouds, but finally discard this option because they are afraid that the seat cushions deteriorate rapidly and become empty and deformed over time, making the sofa lose comfort and its initial good appearance.

This perception has its logical support, since most very soft seats have a great tendency to deteriorate in a short period of time, both from being empty and from deforming the fillings.

After almost two years of work, and hundreds of tests carried out, we are pleased to present “Hardsoft System”, a new system that allows you to easily adjust the hardness of the seat. You can choose from a medium hardness seat to an extra soft seat that welcomes you as if you were sitting on a cloud.

And we have achieved this by also providing a construction system that avoids the typical deformations generated in soft seats.

We have managed to integrate a new mechanism developed by ourselves, which allows the hardness of every module to be adjusted individually at any time, without taking away the elegance and lightness characteristic of the model.

Seat with exchangeable core

A decisive step in Circular Economy

Seat with exchangeable core 

With Tempo, we are also going to take a decisive step in terms of the Circular Economy. The latest novelties in sofas in our catalogue already had an initial approach of this type (such as Klee or Kalahari, which have completely removable covers, what considerably lengthen the life of the product), but with Tempo we are going to go one step further.

We have developed a construction and assembly system that allows all the components that make up the seat cushion to be separated so that the foam core of the seat can be replaced easily and inexpensively, thus extending the life of these sofas.

One of our guidelines on sustainability in our Design processes, is to create products that have a longer life than other products on the market and, when they come to an end, all their components can be easily recycled. Under these sustainability parameters, we launched the Exchangeable Core Seat project.

With the construction system that we have designed, we generate a hard foam perimeter with a density of 35 to 41 kg and adhere it to a wooden frame where we house the suspension system. The union of these two elements generates a stable seat cushion with a degree of non-deformability infinitely higher than the rest of the seat cushions in the market.

To achieve good comfort, we fill the centre of the cushion with a core in which we can choose different options of hardness: medium-hard or super-soft foam, or even with 100% fibre filling.


Fabrics choice


All our sofas and armchairs can be totally customised. You can choose among more than 1000 different materials available in our range. Plain or patterned fabrics, synthetic or natural materials such as cotton or linen, velvets or leather, they are all available in a very wide range of colours.

You can see the different collections of materials in the FABRIC COLLECTIONS section.

The best part is that you can combine different fabrics as you like, mixing different textures, colours and patterns, to make your sofa an exclusive and unique piece.



Fibersilk 100%


Frame of pine wood and MDF


Fibersilk 100%


Polyurethane 35 kg + fiber (Medium Hardness)

icono - cojines incluidos

Includes scatters*

Includes scatters

Módulos reversibles

Reversible modules

Este modelo permite reubicar sus módulos para jugar con su composición.



Livetime warranty in frame and seat suspension. Rest of pieces 3 year guarantee that can be extended for 6 extra months by registering the guarantee in our website.

Gestión Mediambiental

Sustainable manufacture

Sustainable manufacture

Cleaning advice

En el apartado preguntas frecuentes de nuestra web encontraréis unos vídeos explicativos que responderán de una forma amena a las dudas habituales relacionadas con tu sofá.

- Si laváis alguna funda en la lavadora, es conveniente que la volváis del revés, con el fin de evitar que durante el lavado las cremalleras o el velcro puedan dañar la cara buena de la tapicería.

- Recomendamos hacer una prueba de lavado con una funda antes de lavarlas todas (siempre que vuestra tapicería permita el lavado).

- Si la tela lo permite, lo mejor siempre es la limpieza en seco in situ.

También podéis pasarle una vaporeta, protegiéndola con un trapo de algodón.

- Para el día a día, es bueno pasar un trapo húmedo, para ir quitando el polvo y que no se vaya acumulando la suciedad.

- En el caso de manchas puntuales, lo mejor es un trapo húmedo con un poco de jabón neutro (puedes mezclar agua con jabón neutro en un pulverizador) y frotar suavemente haciendo movimientos circulares en la mancha. Dejar secar y repetir varias veces hasta que la mancha desaparezca por completo.

- Es conveniente saber que, si vuestra tapicería está confeccionada con chenilla, es normal que ésta con su uso pueda presentar ligeras marcas con cambio de tonalidad.

- Es muy importante respetar siempre las normas de lavado recomendadas por el fabricante. Puedes encontrar las normas de limpieza de tu tejido en una etiqueta situada en la base de tu sofá o sillón.

- También puedes consultarlas en el apartado Colecciones telas de nuestra web.

Parts with removable cover:


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