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The Simone armchair is characterized by its high backrest that will transport you straight to the 70s with its special design and a touch of bold style. But here comes the surprise: it's an electric recliner armchair!

With its diamond-shaped tufted backrest, this armchair is a perfect blend of the conventional and the daring. At first glance, it doesn't look like a recliner armchair, which gives it that beautiful and unique design. But when you sit down, you'll be surprised by the exceptional comfort it offers.




Whether to relax after a long day or to enjoy a moment of reading, this armchair offers you complete rest. With its electric relaxation mechanism, you can adjust to the ideal position to find your maximum comfort.

It can only be manufactured with the option of a swivel base, although it can be locked to prevent it from rotating.





New system that activates the motor without pressing any button

This new system activates the motors without pressing any buttons, just by bringing your hand close to one of the arms of the chair, the motor starts. We use a simple system: approaching the right hand on the outside of the arm, the recliner begins to open, separating the hand, the relax stops in that position. To close the recliner, we bring the left hand closer to the outside of the left arm.

And if anyone wonders what happens if someone approaches or a child touches the arm, we can say that everything is under control. We have designed two different control modes: with one or two hands, to prevent these situations from happening.

On the contrary, our system is based on simplicity, we use the right hand to open and the left hand to close, forgetting about pressing buttons that, in a few years, may be something from the past, like the round dial telephones.

At the moment, the mobile app is only available for Android devices.

But this is not all. All these movements can also be activated from a new mobile App created entirely by us. Among its functionalities, it will allow us to open the relax and close it easily from our smartphone... and much more!

And, last but not least, the control module itself has a connection with Alexa to be able to perform basic functions.

The whole system is designed by Fama Sofas and we have the corresponding European Patent for its legal protection.

More info about Sensae.

Fabrics choice


All our sofas and armchairs can be totally customised. You can choose among more than 1000 different materials available in our range. Plain or patterned fabrics, synthetic or natural materials such as cotton or linen, velvets or leather, they are all available in a very wide range of colours.

You can see the different collections of materials in the FABRIC COLLECTIONS section.

The best part is that you can combine different fabrics as you like, mixing different textures, colours and patterns, to make your sofa an exclusive and unique piece.

Cleaning advice

En el apartado preguntas frecuentes de nuestra web encontraréis unos vídeos explicativos que responderán de una forma amena a las dudas habituales relacionadas con tu sofá.

- Si laváis alguna funda en la lavadora, es conveniente que la volváis del revés, con el fin de evitar que durante el lavado las cremalleras o el velcro puedan dañar la cara buena de la tapicería.

- Recomendamos hacer una prueba de lavado con una funda antes de lavarlas todas (siempre que vuestra tapicería permita el lavado).

- Si la tela lo permite, lo mejor siempre es la limpieza en seco in situ.

También podéis pasarle una vaporeta, protegiéndola con un trapo de algodón.

- Para el día a día, es bueno pasar un trapo húmedo, para ir quitando el polvo y que no se vaya acumulando la suciedad.

- En el caso de manchas puntuales, lo mejor es un trapo húmedo con un poco de jabón neutro (puedes mezclar agua con jabón neutro en un pulverizador) y frotar suavemente haciendo movimientos circulares en la mancha. Dejar secar y repetir varias veces hasta que la mancha desaparezca por completo.

- Es conveniente saber que, si vuestra tapicería está confeccionada con chenilla, es normal que ésta con su uso pueda presentar ligeras marcas con cambio de tonalidad.

- Es muy importante respetar siempre las normas de lavado recomendadas por el fabricante. Puedes encontrar las normas de limpieza de tu tejido en una etiqueta situada en la base de tu sofá o sillón.

- También puedes consultarlas en el apartado Colecciones telas de nuestra web.

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