We already have winners of the 34th photo contest


From Fama Sofas, we close another edition of the photo contest in which hundreds of Famalovers send their snapshots enjoying Fama sofas and armchairs. We have received more than 580 entries from all over the world: Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, the United States, or Canada among others.

In this edition, the first prize goes to Badostain (Navarra) with the photography "Rincones para explorar" (Places to explore), in which we see a beautiful family scene on the Mondrian armchair. Congratulations!

The second place goes to the "Rincón de lectura" (Reading corner) photograph that comes to us from Almería, showing two young readers enjoying the multiple positions offered by the Manacor sofa to spend their time.

The third prize goes to Lyon, France, with the impressive snapshot in which we see an Arianne sofa and a Kylian armchair. Without a doubt a special corner to enjoy the snowy views!

The musical tone in this 34th edition is set with the photography "Rock&Fama", sent from Iturmendi, Navarra, where we see a family scene on the Manacor sofa that has taken fourth place. By the way, we love the guitars!

Finally, the colourful note comes from Girona with "Preparing the library session", where we can see a Famalover on the Indy sofa and a Kangou armchair, upholstered with red tones and with the "Lautrec" fabric from the Arty Edition collection.

From Fama, we want to congratulate the winners and thank the participation of all the people who have decided to share their sofa moments with us. Thanks!

The winning photograph can choose between our Lenny armchair or a TV, while the 2nd and 3rd place will take a HomebyFama product package. For their part, the 4th and 5th classified will take a HomebyFama product. Enjoy your prizes!

Among the voters of this edition we have also raffled off 5 blankets, which will go to the homes of: Maria José, Juan, Sergio, Irene, Daniel.

Remember that if you have not been able to participate in this edition, a new one will start very soon.

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