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The 33nd edition of the photo contest comes to an end


We are pleased to announce that, once again, the latest edition of the Fama photo contest, where participants send their snapshots enjoying their moments on a Fama sofa, has finished.

In this edition more than 350 famalovers have sent their pictures from all over the world, such as Spain, Canada, France, Germany or Australia. All of them symbolise the philosophy that we try to transmit from Fama: a sofa is more than just a place to sit on.

Under the title 'Sueños', the winning photograph of this edition comes from Belgium. In it you can see a nice couple enjoying the Avalon relax sofa. Congratulations!

The second place goes to the photograph 'read a novel, listen to a record and chill out' in which we can see a young woman enjoying the Pacific sofa in a nice living room in Barcelona.

From Vitoria, the third place goes to 'Por fin en casa', where we can see a family scene, dog included, enjoying the relaxing Avalon.

From Valencia, the fourth position is for 'mi pequeñin', where we can see a spectacular Mondrian relax armchair upholstered in the ‘Dalí’ fabric from the Arty Edition collection. It's normal that he hugs it that way!

Finally, from Les Franqueses del Vallès, our model Arianne Love presides over the views of a spectacular garden while two little ones play and have fun on it. It is not for nothing that they have titled the photograph 'Locura'.

From Fama, we would like to congratulate the winners and thank the participation of all the people who have decided to share their moments on the sofa with us. Thank you!

The winning photograph will be able to choose between our Lenny armchair or a TV, while the 2nd and 3rd place will win a lot of HomebyFama products. The 4th and 5th place will win a HomebyFama product. Enjoy your prizes!

Between all the voters of the 33nd edition, we have raffled 5 blankets, which are going to the following homes: Nahia, Jacinto, Carmen Antonia y Alejandro.

Remember that if you have not been able to participate in this edition, a new one will start very soon.

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