Teaching oral hygiene at Famapekes


Among the scheduled activities during the summer at the early childhood and primary learning centre "Famapekes," the visit of dentist Paloma López has taken place to explain the importance of good oral hygiene from the early years in a fun and enjoyable way. Paloma is the coordinator of the Dental Centre in Archena, with whom Fama collaborated in developing a special stretcher for dental interventions in babies.

The dentist's presentation began with a round of questions, during which she didn't hesitate to use funny and simple examples to demonstrate the proper way to brush teeth. After the talk, the practical part was carried out, allowing the kids to apply the theory they had learned by demonstrating their tooth-brushing skills on different models placed on the tables, and by arranging molars and teeth in a mouth-shaped puzzle. The session concluded in the classroom for children under 3 years old, where the students were very attentive and got to brush the teeth of a very large mouth, all while sharing various comments and stories. The morning ended with a visit from the Tooth Fairy, who left them a small tooth box to use the next time they lose a tooth.

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