Inauguration of the entrances "Placicas" and 50th Anniversary Museum


In the two entrances that face the main facade of the new facilities we wanted to pay tribute to people who were significant in the Fama history. Being small, they were “baptized” with the local term Placica (little square). Felix Lopez Gil gave a brief talk commenting that there could be more people to be tributed in these 2 plaques, but he finally decided on two of the people who had been very significant in the history of Fama and in his own history: Miguel Torres and Pascual Rubio, so the entrances were called "La Placica de Miguel" and "La Placica del maestro". Pascual Rubio, also known as "El Maestro" (the teacher), formed part of Fama from the beginning carrying out different tasks and, for Felix, he was a benchmark of knowledge. He was an example of human quality and wisdom. Miguel Torres was a very important part of Fama; he had a great problem-solving capacity and together with Felix he formed a design couple that complemented each other perfectly. Unfortunately cancer took him away from us. The relatives of the honourees were in charge of discovering the plaques removing different posters with emotional messages that covered them.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, we have prepared a museum that collects the history of Fama along with a timeline that houses the most important events during these years. During the inauguration of the museum, every worker placed his/her photo in the corresponding year of entry into Fama in this chronology. The most veteran employees, as well as those who were in the company since the beginning in 1972 (currently retired), started placing their photo in the corresponding year. As the rest of the staff were entering the museum, the chronology was filled with photographs, with a significant increase of staff members in recent years. It was very emotional to see how every worker were placing their photo while they were remembering anecdotes that happened in the history of Fama.

With this inauguration the new facilities continue to be equipped and completed to create a functional and pleasant space for the entire Fama staff.

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