Fama Sofás in the ‘Cocreation Lab Kids’ workshop.


Fama Sofás was one of the companies participating in the ‘Cocreation Lab Kids’ workshop, an innovative initiative that encourages creativity and ingenuity among primary school students in the Region of Murcia. This event, organised by the Environment, Universities, Research and the Mar Menor Regional councillor, through the Seneca Foundation and the Innspire Foundation, is part of the #soySTEM programme. The workshop brought together 80 students, who worked in collaboration with Murcian companies to solve business challenges using creativity methodologies. Fama Sofás, together with other industries such as Fripozo, Jake Golosinas and Júver, posed specific challenges to the students, encouraging critical thinking and innovation. The ‘Cocreation Lab Kids’ workshop provided young people with a platform to showcase their creative skills and propose viable solutions to real problems in the business sector. These types of initiatives are fundamental to inspire future generations and ensure a bright future in science, technology and entrepreneurship in the Region of Murcia.

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