Fama manages to recycle 99.95% of its waste.


Fama has once again achieved the Zero Waste Verification declaration certified by AENOR, following the recent audit of the waste generated in 2023. In this audit, all the waste generated by the company during a full year is reviewed, checking which waste is recovered and which is not. All valorised waste is waste that has a second life, and its useful cycle does not end in a landfill. On this occasion, the result of valorised waste was 99.95% with a total of 613.584 tonnes. The rest of the waste that could not be recovered and therefore could not be given a second useful life, was less than 0,05% coming from printing toners, aerosols or contaminated material. These figures confirm Fama's commitment to reducing the impact of the company's activities on the environment, but efforts and work continue to improve these figures.

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