‘Carrots and blueberries’ winner of the 37th edition of the Fama photography contest


The 37th edition of the ‘Fama, sofas to enjoy at home’ photography contest has concluded, with more than 500 participant images from countries such as France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Andorra, the United States and Netherlands.

The winning photograph, entitled ‘Carrots and blueberries’, shows a couple enjoying the comfort of their Arianne Love sofa. This sofa, made up of two A modules and a footstool, was the perfect backdrop for this image from Valencia (Spain).

Second place went to ‘In the clouds’, an image where we see a family enjoying a great composition of the Teseo sofa, including the Teseo ‘O’ armchair and the Perseo table. Third place went to ‘Pilates at 82’, with a spectacular flexibility demonstration on the Indy sofa bed. The rest of the selected images were ‘Relax at night’ and ‘Sofantastic’ respectively, both scenes highlighting family enjoyment on an Axel relax sofa and an Arianne Love sofa.

All contestants received a Fama blanket as a gratitude for their participation, and the winners won prizes ranging from a Lenny armchair or a TV for the first place to HomebyFama product sets for the following classifieds.

The 38th edition of the photo contest ‘Fama, sofas to enjoy at home’ will start soon.

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