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Great comfort in a light and elegant design.




Belonging to model Helsinki, we have created this new sofa with bed mechanism. We have managed to maintain the great comfort, as well as the elegant and light design of the Helsinki, since it does not look like a sofa bed. This new bed version brings a great added value to the model, since we can accommodate it in any living room, with the option of converting it into a bed when we need it.


Helsinki Sofa Bed Measurements
Croquis Helsinki cama 01

Helsinki is one of our latest models of sofa bed with Italian opening mechanism.

We leave you the sketch in which you can see all the measurements of the armchair available.

You can download the sketch in pdf in the "Downloads and documents" section of the product.

Arm options

H Arms
Hb Arms
Brazo H Opera

The "H" arm is available for the Dali, Opera, and Helsinki sofa beds.

This arm is characterized by its special design with curved shapes. The "H" version has a height of 75 cm, while the "Hb" version is 65 cm.

This arm has a width of 15 cm.

Legs options

Wood Leg 10cm
Pata madera helsinki 15

Cylindrical wooden leg, 10 cm in length, with a slight outward slant, ideal for Nordic-style models that feature curved lines in a timeless design enhanced by the leg height.

This leg is available in 4 different colors: Black, Natural, Walnut, and Wenge.


Mattress 14cm
Fire retardant mattress


Upper fabric. MA3659 quilted 150gr

Visco elastic. 2cm

Rubber. 32Kg soft

Mattress border. 3D grey quilted fabric.

Lower fabric. Grey 3D fabric


Measurements width. 80 | 140 | 160cm

Length. 195cm

Mattress thickness. 14cm



Polyurethane 35 kg + fiber (Medium Hardness)


Fibersilk 100%


Acero al carbono


Fibersilk 100%

icono - cojines incluidos

Includes scatters*

Includes scatters


Cleaning robot

Leg height sufficient to allow for cleaning with a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Sofá Cama

Sofa bed

Italian-style sofa bed with a 14cm thick mattress.

Gestión Mediambiental

Sustainable manufacture

Sustainable manufacture



Livetime warranty in frame and seat suspension. Rest of pieces 3 year guarantee that can be extended for 6 extra months by registering the guarantee in our website.

Downloads and documentation

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