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Raúl Martínez

Raúl Martínez

3D Graphic Designer
The company’s Techie, if you are thinking about buying a new computer, mobile phone or any other electronic device, just speak with Raul and he will sensibly advise you on the best option, at no cost.

After working as an administrative assistant in an office, draftsman in a building company and drummer musician in the iconic ‘Little Band Orchestra’, Raul, self-taught person by nature, lands in the fascinating world of 3D. As a member of the technical office, Raul is responsible for coordinating everything related to the display of three-dimensional models from the beginning as a prototype until the model is included in our 3D order processing system, and is also in charge of the simulations with our fabrics, augmented reality, etc. as well as developing 3D virtual projects both in our stores and Contract spaces.

It is worth mentioning about himself that despite enjoying all the ‘gadgets with buttons’ as he says, Raul is also a lover of the Spanish Cuisine.

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