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Arianne Garden has been created with outdoor living in mind. Single modules with a polyethylene base which can be placed together, individually or creating different shapes to adapt to the features of your garden. The back folds down to create a table and at the same time encases the cushions so that they are protected from all weather conditions, family pets, etc. The base is available in 7 colours. The cushions provide a great comfort. Great variety of exclusive patterned fabrics (Digic and Gata Edition collections).




Armazón Plástico (PVC)

Armazón molde de PVC diseñado para exteriores.


Colchoneta de poliuretano de 40kg tapizado con telas hidrófugas.


Fibersilk 100%



Livetime warranty in frame and seat suspension. Rest of pieces 3 year guarantee that can be extended for 6 extra months by registering the guarantee in our website.

Gestión Mediambiental

Sustainable manufacture

Sustainable manufacture

icono - cojines incluidos

Includes scatters*

Includes scatters

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Interior design Projects

On this section, you can see some examples of how our sofas look like in a house, which will inspire and help customers to create their ideal combination. The resources are versatile. You can find collective facilities dedicated to the contract or hospitality market, and spaces created for interior designers.



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