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The rug is available in 6 different colours. They are mainly warm sand colours, but it is also available in light blue.

It is available in two different measures: 240x160 cm and 200x300 cm.

The 200 cm diameter rug is available in ivory and stone.

Roma is a versatile rug. The rug’s endurance makes it possible to use it on homes as well as in the hospitality sector, even allowing, the continued use of chairs with casters and wheels.

However, those features do not alter its comfort when you step on it. The comfort is exceptional due to its softness. In addition, it is beneficial as it helps to reduce the acoustic impact.

It can be used on all floor’s surfaces, including radiant heating. It is also very important to mention its colour endurance to sun light.

We have to point out that the rug is fire retardant - type C, which is reassuring and allows commercial use.







Cleaning advice

The Roma rug is designed to use it on homes as well as in the hospitality sector.

Its composition in polyamide with a thread length of + 10.9 mm allows dry cleaning, making it much easier to hoover it.

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